Vienna (AU), Glockengasse 9, 2010.09.02 - 15

With the support of Pro Helvetia.

Link to the report of the exhibition


Details on the submarines, see Kiss_e-s.

Link to the audio visual projection Infrastrates.

Watermelon sunrise is a collage of chewing gums on solar cells. The strikes are representing the light rays of Trident missiles fired from ballistic submarines at night.

The first couple of sub- marines were visible from outside (Kiss_ Shark-Redoutable). At night, a neon black light was revealing a secret pattern on their bodies as some deep sea fishes have bio-luminescent patterns on their bodies.

The show window was closed with a holographic rainbow foil curtain to attract attention, just two slits were allowing the passer-by to have a glimpse inside.

Neutralized B-52H (without reactors and bombs).


These plastic monuments on found stones are the left over of the neutralized submarine’s models (guns, antennas...) I arranged them to create a monument in memory of the life they are destroying by their activities.


For a detailed explanation see the Neutralisation_overview_w.pdf