Rue Lissignol, Geneva, CH


For the festival BAZ’ART 2019

(With the main support of City of Geneva.)

A boat covered by a reversible sequin texture, not far from a café called « Le Phare» (The Lighthouse) and a Red Cross store . A luxury wreck on the sidewalk, that could welcome eight people for a drink during the street Festival. From Yacht to Yot to Toy.

Fashionable lifejacket.

Instead of satellite domes, we got audio sensitive led domes on the roof.

The polished steel anchor rusted at the first rain .

New polished air propulsion sterndrive technology.

Binoculars were available.

Some unlucky  inflatable armchair got stuck under the boat .

In the floor, the upside down tank, looked like a small metallic coffin.

Writing  was possible

The dashboard is covered with antifouling black film.


Last make-up before the end of the party (white powder of a fire extinguisher).

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