Solo exhibition in the Palais de l’Athénée, Salle Crosnier

CH Geneva / 2008.02.28 - 03.29

Link to the animations (Marines),

Link to a writing about the exhibition and related to dreams (in french).

Anchor in a vectorized position. (see Objects)

Parrot in a vectorized position.

Cables, ropes and garland under the guard’s table.

Hydrophobic plate with water drop, fulgurite, baseball ball, chewing gum on fiberglass.

Entrance to the main room under a plastic sheet (big wave).

Passage through the black sheet into the projection room surrounded by a fishing net .

A kayak floats on black surface. An orange spot moves in circle. An abstraction of the animations is projected.

Animations projected on the side walls and on a foreground nylon to avoid direct projection on the public.

Flash reactive surface.