General title for the 10 works made for the exhibition Unity in Diversity (Kameoka Project 2012) at the Kameoka Shokokaikan (Kameoka chamber of commerce and industry) and Kameoka Bunkashiryokaikan (Kameoka city museum of heritage).

Kameoka, Kyoto prefecture, JP

2012.11.30 - 12. 02


Assemblage of VHS videotapes with two white light bulbs taken down from the ceiling.


Kintanku (golden water-tank) on top of the Shokokaikan.

The Kintanku works also as an allusion to the Kinkaku-ji (Golden pavilion in Kyoto).

The metallic covering strips resemble to the protective surface of satellites.

Gintanku (Silver water-tank) on top of the Bunkashyryokan.

Silver-tank close-up with the Golden-tank in the far background.

The title Kintanku works also as an allusion to the Silver Pavilion (Ginkaku-ji)

The work Cuculus is made of a protection sheet taken from the roof of Shokokaikan.

Except for the lightings, the material for this assemblage was found on the exhibition spot.

Cuculus means cuckoo in latin. A title chosen after seeing a cuckoo from the building.

In the corridor, a A4 print was made with a picture of a cuckoo that stopped in a nearby tree.

Mantodea  (praying mantis) is the title of this work of golden strips and chairs.

In front of the window a yellowish ginkgo tree.

Upside down  pilled up chairs in a symmetrical arrangement. On the back of the column lies a asymmetrical mistake.

On the entrance door an old logo of  a security company is still painted on the glass.

I used the central missing part (horned owl) and added some antennas in my A4 print.

Kumori_xx , a set of 11 pictures of the windows of the Kameoka Bunkashiryokan. Reflection of clouds and housing on the damaged silver UV filters of the windows.

Lino. A4 print made with the motif of the linoleum of the exhibition room.

Aquarium full of water with two stones in it. Vishi and Aishi.

The couple of stones become melting images.

On the wall, Kumori_00, inkjet on wood board.