L’argent coupe le dos du lard

Halle nord, Genève

2018.06.19-20 and 2018.06.22-23

Part of the collective exhibition «UNION TMF 24/7», by E. Montesinos

An exhibition having as theme the money and the green color of the dollar.

A programable light was providing lights effects alternatively on the objects and the space. A green laser was also acting freely.

One of the many fake bank notes that were produced by the participants of the exhibition.

Show window.

A video inspired by the TMF stock exchange on a broken screen.

Logo on a fake HF server.

A 20 swiss cents coin flattened with a hammer lying on a sliding piece of paper (moving right to left to right...).

Just a painted and glided piece of wood with a bright «shadow».

Black plastic wall street.

Image of native wire silver.

A rotating suspended model wreck of a corvette (K166).

Flashing light effect on the curtain.