Treasure Code

Collective work with Masayuki Akamatsu for Camera Obscura 6 exhibition,

Hiroshimashi Higashikuminbunka Center, Hiroshima, JP

2012.11.22 - 25

(If you posses the application, you can try it out on this image.)

The visitors are invited to grab a provided smart phone and point it in direction of the images on the hanging scrolls. The device start to vibrates and the image seen on the screen start to morph into other ones.

A global soundtrack, made of sounds of a mining simulator game, is present in the room.

On a table, where the smart phones are,  is a big screen repeating silently all the morphing animations. Under this pedestal lies a coal stone.

The animations are related to the mining world, a dark room from where the minerals necessary for our technologies are extracted and later transformed.

The painting are the still codes that have to be broken to extract the content.

The mobiles are the keys to open the “mirror”.

On the screens, the paintings are overwritten with new information without touching the original object, a kind of augmented reality. But here the reality of the calligraphies has nothing to do with the overlaid information, there is a gap.

There is sometimes a gap between the exploiting mining companies and the local population.

The scrolls change naturally there orientations with drafts.

Found coal stone.

Coal energy is still mainly used in processing the rare earth minerals needed by the green technologies.

Video documentation by Masayuki Akamatsu.

Animation without sound, as on the big screen.

The dominant color of the animation is inspired by color of the garland holding the scroll.

Screenshot from the «smart» phone during the replacement of the image by the animation.