Exhibition at Lokal-int., Biel / Bienne, (CH)

2011.12.08 - 14

( The title was inspired by the documentary Food Inc. )

Between the glass window and the blinds, prints of the illumination of Tetrapod blocks and an old tree.

The showroom’s window are blurred by the humidity of tree leaves present in the room.

On the upper level, gingko's leaves are laid out up to the windows.

A A4 laser print inspired by a work of V. Goel about the Fukushima power plant accident.

On the floor oak’s leaves create a nice mattress and noise.

A broken rotating lamp cap let a white light out.

In the back a suspended animated light stick in front of the multipurpose bar.

Glowing sea turtle skull in a plastic bag.

Inlayed stone with diodes.

On the wall, a stick is cough in a net and projects a red line.

Towards the outside, a tree bark inlayed with a single bluish eye.

A A380 plane model with solar wings surrounded by popcorn fans.