Lily Pads

Corridor of the theater, Grütli, Geneva, CH

2014.25.09- 05.10

With the support of the Théâtre du Grütli and the help of A. Menaldo.

The works are plastic models coated with copper, the scale is 1/144.

Models: Foxbat 25, Flogger 23, Fishbed 21, Frogfoot 25

Models: Globmaster 17, Hercule 130

Models: Hornet 18, Falcon 16, Eagle 15, Tomact 14

Models: Thunderbolt 10, Stealth 117, Lancer 1

Models: Jaguar 3, Stratotanker 135, Tornado 4, Hawkeye 2, Harrier 8

“Lily pads” was a rhizome like strategic way of occupation of a territory during the invasion of Irak in 2003. The story of the theater piece, during which these works were exhibited, takes place during this military operation.