micro gallery La Cassine, 10 rue de Montbrillant, Geneva, CH


La Cassine is a wooden room with a bench accessible through a ladder.

As this small gallery is already a work in itself (created by the association Safari), the proposition was to create a duplex space in it. The second floor would be a kind of exhibition room that could also support the weight of a lying body, as a small apartment. From the cosy bench, both spaces were visible, the «lobby» and the «apartment».

IBU comes from La Cassine’s key holder that was a owl («hibou» in french) and IBU (EVU) sounds like Eve in Japanese. The theme of the nest and egg is obvious, and will be exploited.

A book on trees.

Pictures of sprayed trees on wood.

Party by woodpecker’s family.

Ostrich egg architecture.

Cleaning cloth «paintings».

Found feather and leaf.