Hot Spring

Raum No 3, “Das Dach”, an apartment in Bern, (CH)

2011.04.07 - 10

(Children’s drawings by Lyora Borghini in collaboration with Andreas K.)

At the top of the staircase, a welcome lamp over a low entrance.

Inside the tent, two screens display some analysis of the sound waves.

A drawing of a house under a rising water level.

In the kitchen, a model of a nuclear power plant and its sarcophagus.

In the bathroom, behind the shower curtain a blinking monument for drowned polar bears.

The flashing animation was controlled by a movement detector.

On a white towel a video of a polar bear in trouble was projected.

Here the second version of  this video.

The soundtrack is made with the voice of a child singing a song about a lovely polar bear.

Like drying drawings.