Bis Einbruch der Dunkelheit (Until the Fall of Obscurity)

Exhibition in Cussler, Kottbusserdamm 9, Berlin

Music: Andreas Eberlein + L.

2013.01.11- (14)

Related prints: ApErAnZiHiOr

Plastic improvisation using the existing holes in walls made by past exhibitions and video tape.

Black Moon (mirror ball ,video tape).

Blue Moon (ceiling projection of pinspot and beamer on blue screen mode).

Warming 1 (melted gummy bears on A4 MDF)

Seeorite (maybe petrol amalgam)

The bar table.

An, Ap, Zi and Or pictures. The 3 hanging flashlights can be used to light up the prints like that.

The tape should not touch itself on its way. The lines are straight but often curled.

The winter, in Berlin the sky is rarely blue. That night it was black moon.

Andreas Eberlein + L.