Exhibition Air View 2011, Onomichi, Hiroshima prefecture, (JP)

2011.10.29 - 12.04

(The japanese title comes from the house covered with corrugated iron (totan))

With the support of Pro Helvetia.

Outside an antenna is glittering in the night.

A found scooter is reanimated with all lights on.

The central room has its tatamis and floor removed. A backlighted orange plastic sheet covers the holes over which fluorescent lamps are in suspension.

The back room seems cover with green TV snowflakes, a golf ball beaten by a rice mixer makes a nice rhythmical live sound.

The side room has its bed cover with mosquito screens in which fiber optics are randomly agitated by a bouncing ventilator.

In the kitchen, the image of a deer and some noodles (soba) are under the fire of laser beam.

Some sexy snaky skin.

Upstairs, between the bamboos, the silhouette of a suspended Sailor moon. Beside in the storage a print of the Illumination 2011_1004_7388 done nearby, on the road to this house.

Insects’ nests visiting a squared bread .

A4 print Totan exhibited on a scanner.

A deer threaten by a laser beam.